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Director of IT – Arsen

A native of Kiev, Ukraine, Arsen moved to Ohio with his wife in 2005.  He realized quickly that rural life wasn’t for him.  He relocated to South Florida and has forgotten all about snowy winters. As OES Global’s Director of IT, Arsen is the man behind the scenes taking care of web development for all […]

Office Manager – Allison

Allison Riggio Allison Riggio serves as the office manager and a customer service representative at OES Global, Inc.  But her role is so much more.  Allison is the veteran of the team and the right hand to President, Melissa Schechter.  Whether it be traffic cones or Gatorade, absorbents or safety vests, Allison knows the inner workings […]

Keep your workplace safe with Absorbents

Choose the Proper Absorbent for Safe Spill Control at Work For quick and safe spill containment at work, you’ll need to employ the proper absorbent. Luckily,, carries all your absorbent needs.  Choose the proper product, one designed specifically for the job, and your chances of containment increase dramatically. The size, design and material composition […]

Gatorade, Powder Sticks, G2, Sale

Stay Hydrated with Gatorade

Everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated when exercising or working in the heat. But do you know why?  Dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, confusion, irritability, vomiting and diarrhea.  None of these are things we’re taking into 2019 with us!  Experts suggest consuming up to a liter of liquid per hour when it’s hot […]