President – Melissa Schechter

Melissa Schechter has been a trusted business woman, both in South Florida and nationally, for more than twenty years.  A South Florida native, Melissa graduatedfrom FIU.  It didn’t take long for her to get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. 

 After noticing a market demand for First Aid supplies, Melissa started her first company.  After a few years, her business was purchased by a multi-million dollar corporation – one that Fortune named a “MostAdmired Company.”

Her time as a sales representative allowed her to build relationships across multiple industries. Once again watching market trends closely, she decided to start her second company, OES Global, Inc.

“I’m always asked, ‘Traffic cones? How did that happen?’ and the answer is easy,” said Schechter. “Never burn a bridge.  You never know where it might lead you.” 

“As business woman, I’m obsessed with providing great deals in unique business segments.  As a business owner, I value time and money.  That’s why I created these three sites, offering you the best products in hydration, traffic and industrial cleaning/absorbents.” 

Melissa is proud to be a women’s small business owner.  She resides in Delray Beach with her significant other, Andrew, and her two dogs.  She sits on the board of the Friends of Florida History, a 501c3 that raises monies for historical preservation in Florida.

Melissa Schechter, OES Global, President, women owned small business