Keep your workplace safe with Absorbents

Keep your workplace safe with Absorbents

Choose the Proper Absorbent for Safe Spill Control at Work

For quick and safe spill containment at work, you’ll need to employ the proper absorbent. Luckily,, carries all your absorbent needs.  Choose the proper product, one designed specifically for the job, and your chances of containment increase dramatically.

The size, design and material composition of workplace absorbents vary, depending upon the application. Once you’ve identified the type of spill your workplace routinely faces, you can figure which products to use to contain it.

Is your spill oil-based? Does it contain hazardous materials? The three main types of material used to absorb industrial spills include:

  • Universal absorbents. Typically gray in color, universal absorbents absorb any type of liquid. Since they soak up water, they’re for use only on land.
  • Oil-only absorbents. White or blue in color, oil-only absorbents soak up hydrocarbons but repel water. Let’s you soak up oil or gas that’s been spilled in water.
  • Hazardous material absorbents. Yellow or green in color, hazmat absorbents are used in response to spills of caustic chemicals or dangerous liquids.

If you’re dealing with oil-based liquids or hazardous chemicals, you’ll need something more than a universal absorbent, specific to your type of spill. Universal absorbents are very handy and can be applied to general clean-up projects, as well asindustrial spills but when oil or hazardous materials come into play, you’ll want to go product-specific.  

Once You Know What Spilled, Select the Right Absorbent for the Clean Up

For proper spill control safety in the workplace, you need to apply the correct type of absorbent material in the proper format. Once you’ve figured out which type of spill you’re dealing with, choose which form of absorbent that’s best for the job.  Again, features a variety.

Quickly applying the proper absorbent in response to a spill is crucial to workplace safety. When working with chemicals or hazardous liquids, you should always have these three types of absorbent materials on hand:

  • Absorbent pads. Rectangular absorbent pads work great for absorbing small spills quickly. For larger spills, choose one of our more economic rolls of absorbent pads.
  • Absorbent socks. Help prevent leakage from full drums of liquid, and can be deployed as a boom. Ideal product for environmental applications.
  • Granular absorbents. For a quick response to liquid spills at work, sprinkle ground-up bits of industrial absorbents on the spill.  Non-toxic and safe.

Pre-cut pads are perfect for wiping off machinery, cleaning off drums or mopping up spills.  Slice larger portions off rolls of an absorbent to place under dripping pipes or leaking machines. Absorbent socks act as effective booms when oil-based products are spilled into water.

For complete containment responses, look into spill containment kits. These pre-packaged kits feature all you need to clean-up and dispose of dangerous liquids that spill at the workplace. Portable spill kits are available to aid off-site spill response efforts.

Make workplace safety and cleaning the easiest part of your job.