Sqwincher, the sports drink designed for the workforce

Sqwincher, the sports drink designed for the workforce

Never heard of Sqwincher?  You’re likely not alone.  Let us introduce you.  It’s Gatorade, but for the workforce.  Want to turn your production line into the next starting line for the NFL? Sqwincher may be your solution. 

Sqwincher is a scientifically formulated electrolyte-replacement beverage that provides you with a different set of nutrients than its competitors. Non-carbonated and caffeine free, the drink’s been marketed mainly to blue-collar industrial workers who are susceptible to dehydration and heat illness.

Utility workers, first responders, construction workers – they’re all susceptible to heat exhaustion. To prevent dehydration and keep your team going, drink Sqwincher.  It’s better than consuming water. The extra minerals in the beverage help you recover faster from strenuous work in the field.

The Comparison

Sqwincher competes directly with Gatorade, the market leader. Compared to Gatorade, Sqwincher offers:

  • Fewer calories. Sqwincher contains less calories, as well as smaller amounts of sodium, than most other sports drinks. Sqwincher has about half as much sodium and nearly 10% fewer calories than Gatorade.
  • More minerals. Sqwincher has at least 50% more potassium than that of other sports drinks. Potassium helps your cells replenish fluids faster. Sqwincher also includes magnesium, while the other electrolyte beverages don’t.
  • Great taste. Available in 10 tasty flavors, Sqwincher uses natural flavorings to make its product taste great. You won’t believe a sugar-free product could taste this smooth. There’s no bite to the flavors, no strong aftertaste.

Sqwincher delivers as many carbs as any of its competitors. Available in liquid or powder form, and you can purchase Sqwincher in bulk or in ready-to-consume packages. All of the Sqwincher products are available in sugar-free versions.

The History

Sqwincher was founded in Mississippi in 1975 by entrepreneur Mack Howard. In the 1980’s, Sqwincher was the official beverage of the short-lived United States Football League. The company sent its products to Iraq in the early 2000’s to help US soldiers stay hydrated. Kent Precision Food Group, a consumer food company based in St. Louis, acquired Sqwincher in 2015.

Sqwincher is available in ready-to-drink bottles, or you can mix your own. In addition to bulk packages of powder and liquid concentrate, Sqwincher is available in:

  • Qwick Sticks. Dissolve these powdered packages in water, and you’ve added electrolytes to your beverage. Comes in 10-oz. or 20-oz. sizes.
  • FastPacks. These are 6-ounce sealed packages of liquid concentrate, with no mixing required.  Perfect when there’s no water to mix with the powder.
  • Sqweeze Pops. These freezer pops help cool you down while they replenish your electrolytes. Available sugar-free too, they’re three ounces each.

Sqwincher is non-carbonated, and it doesn’t contain caffeine. Each serving has less than half the calories of a serving of soda. For workers on a break or athletes on the go, Sqwincher helps prevent the exhaustion and illness associated with dehydration and heat stress. And it tastes great!  Give it a try today.