Traffic cones come in more colors than orange. Really.

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Traffic cones come in more colors than orange. Really.

Did you know that the colors of traffic cones are used to communicate levels of danger?  Yes, there are more than just orange.  We break it all down for you in our latestblog.  But first, take a minute to think about your goals.  Are you more concerned with safety or branding?  If it’s for marketing, make sure you check out what each color means to avoid confusion.   

OSHA Color-coded Warning Levels

The Occupational Safety and Housing Association (OSHA) has aligned the colorspectrum with the level of danger implied by your immediate surroundings. OSHA’s color-coded warnings levels include:

  1. Orange Traffic Cones.  We all know this one. Orange warns of the “potential danger” of serious injury or death, according to OSHA. You see so many orange cones on the highways, the meaning of orange is imprinted in your brain. If caution is your message, orange is the choice.  As a marketing color, it may be less effective.
  2. Red Traffic Cones. For OSHA, red connotes “imminent danger” with the chance of serious injury or death. But it’s a popular logo color too. To avoid confusion, make sure you brand your cones or add a traffic cone sign to the top.
  3. Yellow Traffic Cones. Yellow also portends potential danger, but the risk is downgraded to “general injury.” If there’s magenta mixed with the yellow, watch out for radiation. As you move lower in the color spectrum, the connotation with danger becomes less pervasive.
  4. Kelly Green Traffic Cones. OSHA has assigned green to first-aid stations that feature emergency information, eye wash or other safety equipment. If first aid is your goal, you’ll need corresponding signage.
  5. Navy Blue Traffic Cones.Once you get to navy blue, the danger is gone. OSHA uses the color to denote important information that is non-hazardous. A navy blue cone makes a very sharp background for a logo. 
  6. White Traffic Cones. This neutral color marks areas that are considered safe. Use white traffic cones to note the location of restrooms, doors, phone kiosks or parking entrances. White is a great color for denoting general information booths where directions or pamphlets are available.

Additional Colors, Warning Free.  

You can always match the color of the traffic cones you use with the colors of your corporate logo. To help achieve your marketing goals, we offer three more colors of traffic cones that are completely free of any safety connotations:

  •  Pink Traffic Cones. This color has been adopted as the hue of the breast-cancer walk.  We’re proud to have worked with Susan G. Komen on many events.  Pink is also great for a fun event like a baby shower or a birthday party.
  • Lime Green Traffic Cones.  Lime is a cross between yellow and green, whereas the Kelly green is closer to blue. Urban Dictionary says the color is fresh and vibrant, “a pleasant combination of sophistication and energy.” As a bonus, lime green cones are available in 36-inch versions.
  • Sky Blue Traffic Cones.  Another great shade for birthday parties and baby showers. It’s a great color to grab attention.

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