Traffic Cones for Less Launches Valet Line

Traffic Cones for Less Launches Valet Line

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – OES Global, Inc., has announced its partnership with the California-based SD2K to provide a variety of valet products for east coast distribution.  These products are available for immediate purchase at

“I’m constantly looking for ways to provide our consumers with the best pricing and fastest turnaround in this industry,” said President of OES Global Inc., Melissa Schechter.  “SD2K is a leader in valet supplies and we are thrilled to exclusively serve as an east coast retail distribution center. Given the amount of valet service right here in the state of Florida, this partnership makes a lot of sense as we continue to expand Traffic Cones for Less.”  

Traffic Cones for Less (TCFL) is offering two different types of valet podiums.  The Elite Valet Podium is a mobile podium that comes complete with 150 hooks and a locking cash drawer.  SD2K touts the Smart Valet Podium as their signature item. The Smart Valet is also mobile and offers a variety of great features, including 100 hooks.  

Additionally, TCFL is showcasing three different styles of valet umbrellas and dozens of vertical panel options, including an illuminated LED vertical panel.  There are a variety of standard and valet-specific stock legends to choose from, providing directional signage and traffic instructions.  As always, consumers also have an option to customize their vertical panels. 

OES Global Inc. will be hosting a Product Showcase on Wednesday, April 3 at its headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  SD2K’s valet line will be on full display.  Additional participating manufacturers in the Product Showcase include Gatorade, Sqwincher, JBC, Plasticade, Flexstake, Spillfyter Absorbents, Armchem International and more.  If interested in attending, you may RSVP here.  

For more information, contact info@TrafficConesforLess or visit